Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Coming Soon. Holiday Shows!!!

"Red bow Boy", carved wood, glass eyes, He'll be @ Guardino Gallery and one will be @ The Left Coast Artist sale, the only sale where you can buy direct from me, (until next summer)!

I started a new series called "Toys in the Attic"
Hand Cut and Carved , set on custom rolling bases, sanded, painted, sanded, waxed

I'll have Salvage Stars


I"ll have new "Toolheads"
And lots of LOVE signs on SALE
New Wood Puppets/Dolls will be waiting to meet you. Dec 5 & 6

Moving on to Little Things. The popular show @ Guardino Gallery opens Friday Nov. 28
Once again, I'm paired with my good buddy Dayna Collins

There are 16 different "Toys" too choose from....but wait there's more!

At Riversea Gallery in Astoria ,where some of my pieces from my Villains, Harpies & Sailors show, are still on display. I'll be adding some Littler things!

In Progress...small carved wood characters will be on tiny wheeled platforms. See them after Thanksgiving!

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