Monday, March 12, 2012

John Frame @ PDX Art Museum-You Must see by 5/27 : POSTSCRIPT

On a recent sunny day, after being told there was a show, I simply had to see. I went, with some special friends.
I stumbled in, to see what the fuss was all about


Every once in a while an art exhibit comes along and seduces my heart, head and soul. Combining an artistry in wood, characters, story telling, music and film making .

Link to his website to see a piece of the film HERE
I hope it compares to seeing his work in person.
The work is shown in a very dark setting, the film is shown in the same dark room.
Coming to life with amazing music..he composed!

Some of his art statements are food for thought.

"What is the work about?, it isn't about anything. That is not to say it's meaningless, rather it carries it's own meaning on it's own terms. The only way to understand it's meaning, is by looking and letting go of thinking."

Moving on reluctantly. I captured just a little of what I liked, on that day.

This dapper fellow and his female companion.

The North Coast Indian Art, is another future day trip. With sketch book in hand, those pieces really talk to me.

Tabor admiring a large painting, we both liked.

These are two new pieces I'm currently working on. In my next show, in addition to a book, I will do a little stop motion film I had always wanted to do.

Tabor and Greg in front of a wood sculpture, the scale and technical skill of this was impressive.

I love the bold colors here. My love of painting has not diminished, I have a few weeks of painting planned, ahead

I love an unusual face.

Not just another pretty face

(photo gone :o( )

This permanent wall installation (sorry I will fill in the artists name) was made of glass, the shadow play behind them on the grey backdrop, another full day is needed to consider each piece.

Finally, the museum gift shop, set up in steampunk style, where I got the book and movie.....then next weekend I have a ticket to hear John speak!
POSTSCRIPT: I had the pleasure of hearing John speak at the museum to a packed house, his background in literature and Shakespeare are evident, I took notes. Then wished I would of taped it. "Increasingly art needs a lot of explanation to be understood, we need to trust our own instincts". "Moments in the studio when time stands still, I court that connection, but cannot guarantee it" "The truth is I hate to let any piece go" So many of his thoughts are concepts I believe in. Then while waiting in line, to get my book (that I forgot to bring) signed. I gushed something or other and offered an old showcard from my own carved wood show and a business card, and he said " Oh yes I've seen this work" whether it was a photo of the card online, or whatever, today I can die happy!
POST-POSTSCRIPT: I had the pleasure of having lunch with John, his wife and photographer  at Tabor and Greg's, what a lovely person, he really connects with us assemblage artists, we all seem to speak the same language.

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