Monday, August 22, 2011

A Tale of two Globes & the Seattle Weekend Report...... or the one that got away

It started Thursday with a trip to Plucky Maidens @ Edgefiled with friends, so much good stuff.

Right off the bat. I spot a huge 24 inch Globe, it was metal on a very sturdy stainless steel stand and spun both vertically and horizontally, I was smitten but was cautious with the 78$ price tag, no discount...hmmm I decided to wait, if it was still there later I would get it, well it was gone. The gal selling said a guy snapped it up and mentioned they were rare had seen one priced much higher elsewhere.....
So much too see , and with full hands, I didn't get good shots of my shopping partners.
On to the next morning

We headed to Seattle for a 48 hour shopping and eating trip, and since Anthony Bourdain said Salumi is a place to eat before you die we didn't argue. There is always a long line and with very limited hours & closed on the weekend, it was our 1st stop . We were not disappointed...

Love the address & the mix of wood brick and metal.

For dinner, we were progressive and dined at The Palace and Dahlia's, with a night cap at the Hotel Monaco where we stayed. All was good, but I agree with anyone whose has had them, the hot sugar donuts with vanilla marscapone and apricot dipping sauce are a highlight....

On to pike place for breakfast, this mosaic mural caught my eye......

But I just hope this guy is not shaking the baby, or possibly the baby smells? and their in a hurry. Funny and odd, right up my alley

Nicole got the required flower bouquet, so many to choose from

This bee on the sunflower assured us of freshness

worthy of mention a slice of geoduck with melon from Dahlia

Back to Pike place, we again waited in a line, this time for the famous perogies, ours was stuffed with potato, mushroom and onion. we tried some cheeses at Beechers and had a hot donut, then to full to eat, had to pass on a recommended pastry time. Decided we were to tired to find Tilth for a late brunch instead went back to shopping

Day two: Ballard was our favorite area, having hit up Freemont and downtown the day before.

So much goodness, this little guy caught my eye

Spotted on the streets, a "City Witch" herbal ailments, it's good to know

Always captivated by the decor, Pink ceilings and paper pompoms

This store really captivated me "Curtis Steiner" antiques , but so much more, everything displayed so well, jewelry over vintage book pages, with a few fossils and coral mixed in.

Just a few modern pieces in the mix

A taxidermy owl watches over the proceedings, of old Milagros, select furniture & Santos

And then in the window, a special GLOBE, only $1200. identical to the one I had seen Thursday for $78 ( cue the tears), Alas the one that got away!!

We did manage a strawberry cupcake at Royale. And could not find the elusive Walrus and Carpenter restaurant, we'll find you next time, the Garmin be dammed. Got home late Sat

In time for a early Sunday ride with friends, to Detroit lake, the hottest day of the year.

I need a nap!

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  1. Love hearing about your Seattle trip with lots of new things to check out next time. That globe story is just plain sad!