Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet Juggling Girl, a wood sculpture how to

Just finished her yesterday, and delivered her to Guardino Gallery. She stands 22 inches tall and is carved from a solid piece of wood. She decided to wear a blue dress with yellow polka dots, and red boots are always in style

First she was sketched out

Then she was chiseled and chiseled to find just the right shape.

This process takes a lot of time . But it's worth the effort, finally seeing an image emerge from the wood.

Juggling girl didn't want me to mention, but she is wearing red underwear.
That matched her shoes.

I attached her arms separately so they would be movable, she raises her arms up

And then down, she's pretty good at juggling.

I'm still deciding if there will be more of the "girl" series. "Pet Bee Girl", "Bravo Girl" and "Heart in a Cage Girl" have all gone home with private collectors. I'm considerding other subjects....

Also keeping her company is Socrates, he measures 29 inches, his face is carved from a old tool, and his body is fashioned from found objects.

He insisted on wearing his hat for the photo

I held him up to take a bow, I still may string him like a puppet so he could either hang from a hook, but for now he sits. I wasn't quite ready to part with him. So on to some more carvings......

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  1. I like the idea of your "Girl Puppet" series. Such a simple name for such complex personalities!