Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet Some Character's...

The Circus Puppet Theatre is being whipped into shape for their April 28Th Debut..... These Two Clowns are "Boatman" and "Cletus"
These four pieces of wood, I've cut out on a band saw and shaped, after their stained, they'll be attached to the following heads.

This is "Birdman" on the right. He seemed lonely so, I made "Birdman's Brother". They'll be appearing in a book about the Troupe, and their adventures.

This life size Clown head is carved from a single block of wood. I'm still deciding on how to paint his face, & what Clown features will look best. I decided to attach his head to this old drawer and give him arms. what will go inside the box? Hmmmm....stay tuned.

Here is a new Clown "Saltine" .Eight pieces will be joined together. Shaped doweling, found objects. I cut and shaped his shoes, many layers of paints stained and sanded to give it a old vibe,

Here is a close up of Saltine, his face was carved from a old shoe shine brush.

And now Saltine, put together. He'll be strung up and hanging in the theatre.
You'll be able to move all the puppets by jiggling a stick. Interactive fun. By Sunday I hope to have All the Puppets behaving themselves so you can meet them.
Tomorrow I'm taking the day off, to have a play date with a friend.


  1. Steph your puppets are looking SOOOOO good I can't wait to see the show. I happy to hear your taking a play day - have fun.

  2. I wish I had just a tad bit of your creativity!! I so enjoying walking through your home checking out the latest works of art!! Thank you Stephanie for everything!!

  3. I love seeing your creations come to life and take on their own personalities. I know how hard you have been working and your show is going to be amazing -- an accomplishment for you and a thrill for all of us!

    And I'm the lucky one getting to spend the day with you!