Saturday, March 5, 2011


The pdx Expo is in full swing. Lots of people come dressed vintage-y. In addition to decorating our shopping carts, I apparently need to have a costume! This beauty above did not disappoint.
Not the best photo, but this couple were right out of the 50's!

One of my missions: yes I had a shopping list! Was to get old tool boxes to stack up on a high ledge in the entry way... I may paint one an off white...we'll see.

There were the usual clowns hanging around, or in this case rolling around. I have such a love for these creepy fellows, that I could never afford or justify the price. So it's kinda fun to think , I can now make a folk art clown of my own that, I would love just as much.

Monkeys riding on horses, just like nature intended....

And then there's the child size manikins hanging from hooks...didn't even ask the price...

And a fun discovery, a globe painted with chalkboard paint , brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? I'll have to borrow that one for sure.

This Vaseline glass has always been a favorite to see. Did you know it's made with Uranium? Read about it HERE

Little toys, without Cracker Jacks

Here's a photos of my Haul, 5 Old Velvet jewelry boxes, 25 gold wood stars, polka dotted Doll clothes, feathers, striped cloth covered wire, a ruler and a wood masher I was gifted..

And finally posed, inside one of the shell shaped old velvet boxes, is a bag of beach glass, scooped up last week on Kauai, by one of my best shopping/ art buddies , Dayna.
I was telling Dayna, I will put it, in a specimen jar and label it like dispatch from L.A.
Click her link above and see what she did , you will not be disappointed!!


  1. Hey speedy poster! Lovely recap of our day. Your stack of vintage, aged boxes is perfect! Nice job.

  2. Fun times, great to see your photos. I had to stay away this time. I just cleaned my studio and I made a promise to myself to take a hording brake. I am challenging myself to use up as much stuff as I can for a few months, that will last for a few seconds, or the next garage sale sign I see.