Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Work

Marionette Puppet Theater Report: The head in the middle is 9 inches tall, carved stained painted, he'll be an acrobat in the window attached to a body. The clowns on either side measure 25 inches tall. and will be suspended in the theatre.... My photo taking skills are a work in enjoy some pictures from earlier in the week....
My friends bedroom has quite the collection on religious art...amazing

Couldn't resist one corner of the living room featuring old circus toys.


The table was set, and the tea steeping...

And finally Abby the wonder dog, joined us at the table, sweet.
As I continue working every spare minute on my "marionette puppet theatre" carving, planning, writing their story, and even fantasizing about a book or Zine with glossy photos. I'll have lots more photos within the week. 6 more puppets are in the final stages.

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  1. Love getting updates on your work and oh, what a treat to get a peek into you-know-who's artistic stuff!! Too much to see in one visit . . . .