Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scraps of Love or Love of Scraps...it's all the same

By now you know I like to use pieces of old wood.

You could even say I LOVE, to play with old wood scraps, when not painting.
Find some LOVE ,   at the Heart of the Matter Show @ Guardino Gallery opening Jan.31

     Here's just a little sneek peek of my upcoming Sacred Scrap show on Feb 1, but can be seen all month info  HERE. @ Willamette University. Five Artists showing how we make art using  Scraps. I re-used, the used molding scraps, it almost looks like a textural patchwork quilt, and I love a grid pattern.

The original Orange man is 8x8 the New one measures 17x 12, the fact that his hat says Bank, and "Crookes Oil" on the bottom are purely coincidental.

His mouth spins, from smile to grimace...
This is my last Smoking Dog, he measures 15 x 13inches

"Lovin it" Is leftover from a Portlandia submission

This side view shows the texture of the cut wood

I have a few Wood Sculpture Dolls in the current issue of Prims Magazine


  In doing some research, I stumbled across the above photo of  my ART from a long ago show, I did in 2004. Through the San Francisco Public Library called, Reversing Vandalism. Destroyed Books Transformed into Art  Here  As I was preparing to mail it. I wrote a hidden message on the back "For Bobby". A very good friend I lost in 1983...I didn't know until 2009, but his journal was published into an amazing book in 1995 and later made into a movie. Prayers for Bobby. We worked together and did a lot of dancing, when I 1st moved to Portland, I snuck him into a bar on his last birthday at age 20. So much more I could say. But this.