Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tool Manifesto Photo Shoot, New Dolls & A Dash of Holiday Madness

It's a fine looking group ..all 64 of them. I fell in love with the old wood handles and shapes of the tools, the different patinas, some splattered with paint, some had carved initials, all had wear from a previous life....

The tools all carved and waiting to be painted and enhanced

Blocks were cut, so they standup like little soldiers
They started off rough, finding just the right features for each one

Jason Cohoon, the photographer extraordinaire finding just the right angle
My daughter Nicole assists in the madness
The beer was near

Meanwhile..... all around the cobbler's bench.....I made feet, hands.   Auditioning just the right arms and legs.

The New girls  Trixie  (36 ") in the middle and Lulu (42") on the right.  Decided to sit with Scarlett (58") who's home after her world tour

The whole gang together.
Thanks For coming to see me @ the M.A.C. center and Artist Repertory Theater. Stay tuned news for details on my shows for 2013, published articles!


  1. Great post. Love all your new work!

    1. I love your work Stephanie - are any of these carved tool handles characters available for purchase? I saw your display at the MAC in December and can't scratch that itch to buy one for my lone-time friend, who I know would love them all. ~Diane 503-329-2228