Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rolling Plant Stand & easy!

After admiring a rolling plant stand, that was way to pricey, I thought, hey I can make one myself!, ( I do this at craft shows too), but this time I actually finished!

First: The small fence posts, come pre -treated and only 1.97 each. I bought 4 of them. At 45" each, I cut twice at 15 inch intervals gave me 12 pieces. phew, sorry if this feels like math...
Next stop the wheel isle, just ask the guy in the orange apron. 4 swivels should do it. They were only 2.99 each. I nail gunned 2 pieces to 2 pieces that formed a square, then filled in, every 1.5 inches the other four, Then 2 to more underneath for the wheel base. I know, just look at the photos, explaining it it much harder then the doing

Now Screwing the wheels, power screwdriver is preferable, and since I like me a good shortcut, I only used 2 screws for each wheel, on opposite corners...seems solid

Ta -Dah. The motivation was, my new Meyer lemon tree. I can now roll it to the house if there is a threat of frost.
Next post will be my epic painting day...


  1. Excellent, Steph!
    Isn't it more satisfying to do it yourself and save the $ at the same time?

    Good for you for getting into the blogosphere! It's not so hard once you work on it a bit.


  2. You can make just about anything - and make it look beautiful! Thanks for sharing the "how tos" of making this.

  3. You rock Steph, girls using power tools yahoo. I love tutorials thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tute, Steph! Now I just need the pot and plant.
    I can tell your blog will be one of my faves.

  5. Yay Steph! I'm so happy to see you got started. Nice tutorial and I can't wait to see your epic painting day!

  6. Thanks for your tutorial. Do you have any lemons yet from your tree? Can't wait to see your paintings.

  7. This's a wonderful diy project. Thanks for sharing.