Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Folklandia, part 2... the rest of the story

Lucky 38 x 22 Salvage Sculpture
Lucky Top Hat,Carved wood & birds; Metal Stand
Auditioning potential props and paint colors

"Talking Head"17 x 8 articulated mouth

Abandoned House 17 x 25 x 9 , inside has 4 red chairs, in each room
Queen Anne is 21" carved wood ,glass eyes

Carving his head and figuring the layout
Horse Play 18 x 33 = sold

"Spotted Catfish" Carved wood, rusty metal pieces 15 x 16

"Spawning"  24 x 22
"Muskie Fish" 28 x 20

"Crooked Man" 19"
A carved wood knot becomes a man...

"Shop Girl" and the collection of carved Baseball bats, some with glass eyes, in metal stands
These silhouettes are cut from old wood then oxidized,not painted  to achieve the dark color, and framed in vintage collected frames

The rough faces while being carved

Driving in the car, Shopgirl and Ace are excited!

Laying out the collected Varsity letters that,Darlene helped me sew on the felt, I distressed. It measures  6 ft!

Me and Dayna Collins, her show opens next!
I'm so lucky to have friends who show up to see the art (l-r Leslie Janet Rachael Alea),  Getting ready for a solo show can be draining, over 32 pieces. This will be it for quite awhile!

Thanks for coming to the opening, only 2 weeks left!

Photos were taken to make a book @ Stephen Funk Photography 

A Limited edition available through May 24 $20 each. It takes a village, I love collaborating and supporting local photographers and  graphic designers @ Peggy Pfenninger 

Hope to see you, soon

Window View on Alberta Street @Guardino Gallery. You can see all the photos in the previous post!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Making of Folklandia, part 1

From pieces of vintage wood, sketches are made, then I set to work, tying to uncover their personalities.
Here, after months of carving shaping painting and finding proper bases, the busts are ready for their close up's.L-R Queen Anne, Shopgirl, White Ace 21", Indian Girl and Talking Head

A very rough early sketch, one of many on scraps of paper, found around my studio, A lot that I had planned on making never made it in the show...perhaps next time.

L-R Hipster Bat, Handeye, Bark Bark, Heart in your hand,, Meow, Play nice, Fedora hat
the old baseball bats were carved and painted before they went on their welded metal stands

Sketching on the wood, I use the lines as a guide, re drawing as I carve.

The wood is carved and shaped
Old photos of Indian maidens for reference

Window sizes considered

Potential bases auditioned

From a scary looking carving, he becomes refined once his eyes our set and he's painted. His hat is carved from bass wood. he stands aprox 21"

 From salvaged wood canvases and old photo booth photos, to paintings.

Muskie Fish is 28" x 20 Carved from Tupelo wood, bicycle reflector eyes, rusty fan blades,vintage foundry mold base.

Indian Girl and Shopgirl Carved vintage wood , glass eyes horse hair,found objects 21"

My primitive Folk art show has a Portland twist. This 6 ft wool banner, with vintage varsity letter and ephemera seemed like a good fit!
Stay tuned after my opening on Thursday April 30th , I'll share the rest of the show, Over 30 pieces, 3 fish,  a horse, and photos of the Guardino gallery all set up